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Blind Lemon Joy

Broken Soul
Ribs 'n Sauce
Sweet Cherry Blossoms
The Seahorse
The Crystal Ship
She's Seeing Someone Else
Hijacked My Love
Racing Hearts (the Pete Townsend song)
Man on the Inside
Long Day
Bridge for Southwood
Ship Aground
Cherry Blossom (Reprise)

TWO CD set, with sounds ranging from expansive psychedelia to ragged Greenwich Village-era folk to late 1970s rock 'n roll ... sometimes in the same composition!
From pathos ("Somebody Hijacked My Love") to whimsy ("Long Day") ... with shades of the Grateful Dead ("Ship Aground") to the nouveau classical ... the many and varied musical colorings look ahead to a musical landscape just on the verge of discovery ...

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$16 postage paid - check/money order to
Preuss, 206 Glen Street, Suite 48, Glens Falls, NY 12801
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More from Blind Lemon Joy on the way!

Blind Lemon Joy

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