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He's a dishwasher ... and he's here

To CLEAN UP the Internet

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Blind ... not because of any lack of eyesight ... but because he's too stubbornly stupid to see the writing on the wall


by his experiences in a bad French restaurant owned by schoolteachers who were given bad advice on investing their retirement money, Blind Lemon Joy refused to let lack of musical ability or political incorrectness get in his way!

Writing such coffeehouse favorites as "Salmonella", "I'm a Dishwasher", "Blind Lemon Theme (Clean-Up Man)" and "Clumsy Woman Blues" he eventually teamed with the already semi-comatose Muddy Dishwaters to record the infamous Blind on Blind album.

Believed mistakenly to have been killed by stampeding chickens in a bizarre incident at an upstate New York poultry farm, Blind Lemon Joy went on to make an amazing film with co-conspirator DB Fox entitled Ribs 'n Sauce! I'd love to tell you more about it, but, come to think of it, I'm getting mighty hungry myself.


Let's get some ribs
I'm not hungry.(Don't want to wait for a movie to load) Click here.


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