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July 2003

This page is dedicated to the memory of David Preuss,

born May 20, 1962, died September 3, 2001

Blues'n folk singer/songwriter Pam Farrell

The story of Blind Lemon Joy

Download "Francois Truffaut" from the upcoming CD, Whatever happened to ...?

Download a song from "Broken Soul"

Blind Lemon's latest recording, "Broken Soul"

Sad Circles: An inquiry into the Broken Soul

Caffe Lena ... the world's most important folk venue?

Blind Lemon's site for sore eyes

The 60s Party ... a virtual happening ... Blind Lemon's "and now for something completely different" department ... and a short story by R.S. Preuss

Our 1960s sites page

The wet paper(what do you expect? it's raining)


The Tracy Nelson Web site

Links to other dimensions

Jay Glicksman's Big List of Folk Artists
A to Z
She Said
Poetry by C.L. Deming
HaHa House
Comedy! Many links, very well presented.
33 by Christina Deming
Modern poetry by an exciting new voice.
Christina's Bookshelf
A beautifully presented book room. Relax here and peruse current titles. Discounts.
Go to the Party
It's Site Noir's 60s cast party with friends like Peter Sellers, Brigitte Bardot, Rita Tushingham, Monty Python. Numerous 60s links.
Blind Lemon's site for sore (or is it noir?) eyes.
Films & fun! The Magic Christian, Weekend, Monty Python, The Party/
Don't Pollute the Internet!
Who can clean it up? BLIND LEMON JOY!!!

60s resources, links